Reducing the amount of meat we eat has not only shown to reduce your personal carbon footprint, BUT GOSH DARN IT IT’S GOOD FOR YA TOO!!

I’m all in for trying new (and delicious) things, and that’s why I’m all aboard for Meatless March (or No Meat March). For my vegans and vegetarians out there, you must be screaming “POSER!” but if you think about it, this whole thing could spark something very permanent.

By testing yourself with this Meatless March, you get the chance to expose yourself to new foods, flavors, combinations and recipes you might not normally try. You’ll feel the difference in you body, the contrast between processed meats and fresh fruits and vegetables. Meatless March is the chance for meat eaters to get a taste (no pun intended) of a new world of cuisine.

And it’s not about recruiting new vegetarians, it’s about treating your body to a new experience, to a fresh and healthy one. It’s about considering reducing your meat intake, and learning all about the impact it can make.

Remember that saving the world, being green, it’s not about drastically changing the way we live and giving up everything, it’s about making small changes that are not only better for the earth, but better for yourself too.

So I’m inviting you to join me in this month of meatless magnificence by checking this tumblr for meatless recipes every two posts, and plenty of other posts about meat and vegetarianism, all sprinkled between your regularly scheduled programming usual UT posts!